Jason: 3 stars
Nicole: 3.5 stars
Elliott: Thumbs Up


This British stand by wraps a crispy Yorkshire pudding around pork sausages, and an onion gravy poured on top.


  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/2 tsp mustard powder
  • 1 egg
  • 1 1/4 milk
  • thyme
  • pork bangers
  • 1 onion
  • 1 tsp brown sugar
  • 2 cups chicken stock (but you should use beef)

Pork Bangers

We ordered a package of authentic British breakfast bangers, or pork sausages, when we ordered our bangers for the Bangers & Mash blog post.  They are from R.J Balson & Sons an English family who has been in business since 1515.


In the book “1000 Foods to Eat Before You Die” Mimi Sheraton suggests Happy Days with the Naked Chef, Nigella Kitchen or this recipe on The recipe we went with was from BBC Good Food.


1000 Food Family making a toad-in-the-holeThis was very easy to make.  Elliott helped out by mixing the batter. The one trick is to time your onion gravy so that it is ready once your toad-in-the-hole is cooked.

Onion Gravy

We decided to do our onion gravy a little different this time, again from our Bangers & Mash post.  Differences were a white onion vs a yellow, no beer this time and we used chicken stock versus vegetable stock.  We only used the chicken stock because we didn’t have any beef stock.   While it was ok, I’d say go with beef stock.

Toad in the Hole



I believe that this was my first time having a dish made with a Yorkshire pudding.  We made this recipe with breakfast sausage, which paired with the pudding reminded me of a crispier, fancier pigs in a blanket.  I imagine if made with traditional sausage/bangers it would remind me of a meal Nicole has made me before with sausages wrapped in crescent rolls.  Overall this is a hearty meal, but not a ton of flavor. I think we missed the mark with the chicken stock, this dish needs a heartier gravy.


I’m laughing at Jason’s referencing my “wiener wraps” that have saved the day when dinner needs to be on the table. So gourmet 😉 This dish is a major step up from that and I really enjoyed it.  I actually didn’t feel that the gravy added anything to it, and I loved how the batter baked up very crunchy around the edges.  This is a dish where you want the corner (next time I’m using a square or rectangle pan)!  Due to the baking time it doesn’t count as a “quick” dish for me necessarily but it came together very easily and none of the ingredients were hard to come by.  I would have this again for a weekend breakfast or brunch.

Good For Kids?

Yes, our kids liked it.  Elliott again didn’t want any onion gravy put on top and was happy to find that it does not, in fact, contain toads or frogs for that matter.

Questions For You

  • What do you think would be a good side dish for toad-in-the-hole?


  1. If eating this as a breakfast or brunch dish, perhaps some nice fresh fruit or mixed greens with a light vinegarett would go well.

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