Stilton Blue Cheese

Jason: 3.5 stars
Nicole: 1.5 stars
Elliott: Thumbs Down


Stilton is a British blue cheese known for its sharpness and crumbly creaminess.


  • Stilton Blue Cheese
  • Tawny Port

Where to Buy Stilton Blue Cheese

Stilton is much more common, in the U.S. than, Shropshire, the other British blue cheese that we recently tried.  We picked up ours at the local Trader Joe’s.

This video by Discovery is a good explanation of how they make Stilton cheese.

Stilton Blue Cheese and Tawny Porter

Cheese Pairing

In the book “1000 Foods To Eat Before You Die” Mimi Sheraton suggests pairing a Stilton with a Tawny Port.  We still had the Quarles Harris 10 Year Old Tawny out of Portugal, as well as some Shropshire from our tasting at my sister’s house.

We invited Nicole’s college friends Kendra and Gab over to watch the Oregon Ducks play in the Pac-12 tournament and to try the cheeses.  Elliott and Miles enjoyed playing with their little girl Eiza.

British Cheeses



It was fun and interesting to have both of these blue cheeses together.  I found the Stilton to be both creamier and nuttier.  I felt it had almost an amaretto flavor to it.  I think that the Shropshire was a higher quality cheese (having been cut off a cheese wheel, versus a small package in the cheese cooler at Trader Joe’s), and it would be good to try an equally high quality Stilton.  Still I think I would prefer the Shropshire. On it’s own the Stilton is still a nice blue cheese.


Any excuse to get together with friends is a good one,though my opinion of the Stilton is colored by my overall dislike of blue cheese. It was more edible to me than the Shropshire, which I remember as stronger in flavor and lingering more.  Kendra said that they’ve gotten Stilton on a cheese plate at a winery she likes.  I was, again, with Elliott on this one.

Will Kids Like It?

No, most kids don’t generally care for blue cheese.  Elliott didn’t like the Stilton any better than the Shropshire.