Shropshire Blue

Jason: 4 stars
Nicole: 1.5 stars
Elliott: Thumbs Down


Shropshire is a British blue cheese with an orange hue.  It’s smooth and sharp at the same time.


  • Shropshire Blue Cheese
  • Tawny Port

Where to Buy Shropshire Blue Cheese

You can find a variety of Shropshire Blues on Amazon.  I shopped around Eugene and finally found a Shropshire cheese wheel at Kiva Grocery.

Shropshire Blue in Eugene, Oregon at Kiva
A slice of Shropshire off the cheese wheel at The Kiva in downtown Eugene.

Cheese Pairing

In the book “1000 Foods To Eat Before You Die” Mimi Sheraton suggests pairing a Shropshire with a Tawny Port.  We picked up a Quarles Harris 10 Year Old Tawny out of Portugal from Trader Joe’s, along with a British Stilton, which we will try in a future blog post.  When taking a cheese out for a tasting, I’ve read, that you should let it sit for an hour or so to warm and soften up.

Quarles Harris Port and Shropshire Blue

Family Get Together

My sister Rachael was in town, from Seattle with her kids Addison and Finn.  We got the entire clan together for a dinner with my other sister Elizabeth’s family (you’ve seen the Harestad cousins in our British Biscuits blog) and my parents.  We met at the Harestad’s house.

After dinner we brought out the Shropshire.  Cheese is not a desert we would all normally have, so it’s fun to see how eating through this book is getting all of us to try new things.



I like blue cheese.  I’m known to choose a blue cheese dressing on a salad over ranch.  I also love dipping spicy buffalo wings in blue cheese dressing. I’ve never done a blue cheese “tasting” before and this was my first experience with Shropshire.  I really liked the orange color with the blue mold marbling.  I thought it had a really nice flavor.  I also thought that the port was a nice super sweet complement to the sharp moldy cheese flavor.  I will be interested to see how this compares to the Stilton Blue which we will be tasting soon.


I think I’m the lone wolf on this one, or at least maybe I belong at the kiddie table.  I have never really liked blue cheese at all.  At first taste, I thought this was milder than expected, but after a moment or two it really punched me with flavor.  This might be a selling point for blue cheese lovers but not for this girl.  Sorry, I’ll meet you by the pepper jack next time.

Other Adults

All of the other adults enjoyed the Shropshire.  My dad said he would like to put this on a steak, like he enjoys with Roquefort.

The cousins enjoyed dinner at the little table before trying the Shropshire

Will Kids Like It

Probably not.  Elliott thought it tasted like play-dough, Jonah and Kendrick both spit it out, and Addison cried and said it was too “spicy.”  Both infants, Miles and Finn, thought it was fine.

Questions For You

  • What’s your favorite type of blue cheese?
  • What would be a good pairing with Shropshire?


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