Jason: 4 stars
Nicole: 4 stars
Elliott: Thumbs Up


  • Walkers Shortbread

Walkers Shortbread

Shortbread is easy to find, and the most popular brand from Scotland is Walkers.  We bought ours at the local World Market, where they had many shapes to choose from including rounds, sticks and little Scottie dogs.



I love shortbread.  Around Christmas time our family used to get the shortbread variety tin that had lots of little shortbread varieties stacked in little paper cups.  I’d grab a glass of milk and eat 10 – 15 of those little cookies.  So I have fond memories. I also have tried the large shortbread cookies at a local coffee shops that half of the shortbread is dipped in caramel and chocolate and the other half is plain.  Even though it’s good dipped, I think the shortbread is really good on it’s own.

Walkers makes a great shortbread.  It’s dense and flaky with a wonderful buttery flavor.


Crumbly, buttery goodness.  The Walker’s brand is very easy to find and reminds me most of working for a Starbucks kiosk inside Albertson’s.  We sold Walker’s, and if I remember right it two round cookies in a small cello pack.  It’s been awhile, but I definitely remember partaking in many of the broken ones alongside a coffee.  I like that shortbread is not too sweet.  It’s something that’s easy to make at home as well, and I have done so a few times.  I like to have mine with some coarse sugar on top to add a little texture and crunch.  I agree that it doesn’t need the dipping treatment, it stands well on it’s own.

Will Kids Like It?

Yes, it’s a sweet buttery cookie.  Our kids loved them from the first bite and wanted to eat more and more.