Oatmeal Porridge

Jason: 3.5 stars
Nicole: 3.5 stars
Elliott: Thumbs Up


  • Steel cut oats
  • honey
  • milk

Steel Cut Oats

The difference between American oatmeal and English porridge is in the oats.  For porridge you need to skip the instant or rolled oats, and look for the nuttier and grainier steel cut version.  They take a bit longer to make, but end up having more flavor and are generally less gluey.  In the books “1000 Foods to Eat Before You Die” Mimi Sheraton suggests McCain’s Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal or Bob’s Red Mill.  We

Steel Cut Oats for Oatmeal Porridge

Porridge Toppings

English porridge is normally served pretty plain with a side bowl of milk to dip your spoon into.  Occasionally a bit of honey is dripped on top.  However, the skies the limit on what tastes good, with butter, raisins, banana slices, brown sugar, coconut flakes just being a few worthy choices.

Milk and Honey on Porridge



We’ve already been eating steel cut oats for a few years.  I didn’t realize that it was what porridge is.  I typically like mine with raisins, coconut flakes and a little brown sugar.  I thought it was interesting that traditionally porridge was served in a communal bowl and each person had their own little bowl of milk to dip their spoon into.  Perhaps this is where the term double dip was invented, as it seems like a great way to pass germs around.


I eat steel cut oats often, but not as much as old fashioned or thick cut rolled oats. I do like the nuttiness of the steel cut, and how they still have some “chew” to them. I prefer almonds and coconut on my oatmeal, a bit of a more savory take over fruit or overly sweet toppings. Adding the milk was tasty but I can take it or leave it.

I think people avoid making steel cut oats and even old fashioned oats because of the cook time and opt for quick or instant. This variety and preparation is well worth the extra minutes in my opinion.

Will Kids Like It?

Yes, our kids like oatmeal porridge, especially with a little honey on it.  Typically we add brown sugar.  Like Oliver Twist, Elliott was ready for a little more when he had finished his bowl.  Miles, was not like Goldilocks, and liked his hot, cold or just right, as long as he could just keep eating it.

Oliver Twist Porridge

Question for You

  • What are your favorite toppings on oatmeal porridge?