The Gentleman’s Relish

Jason: 1 star
Nicole: 1 star
Elliott: Thumbs Down


Something Fishy


Gentlemans Relish secret ingredients
What’s Gentleman’s Relish made of?

I’ve tried strange condiments before, like Curry Catsup out of Portland, Oregon, or Vegemite when I lived in Melbourne, Australia.  I was expecting The Gentleman’s Relish to be similar to the Aussie salty spread, but I was wrong, this was far, far worse.

To find The Gentleman’s Relish I had to go online.  I placed an order with British Corner Store, along with some biscuits and black pudding. You can also find it on Amazon.

Small Container Big Odor

A little of this brown paste goes a long way.

The container is fairly small, but you really don’t need much as the flavor and odor is very strong. It says right on the package when you open it to use sparingly.  It’s a shame that The Gentleman’s Relish only lasts for four weeks after opening it, because this would be a lifetime supply of this stuff, for me.

Right off the bat this stuff smells like cat food, but our cat Toby wanted nothing to do with it. Within minutes our entire dining area smelled of the stuff. The taste is very salty, fishy and oily.  Right up front the salt hits the front of your tongue, then the fish flavor kicks in, as the oils coat your mouth with the flavor.  If you don’t like strong fishy tasting stuff you will hate this.



It’s a little unfair of me to review a condiment based only on eating it straight, and then lightly spread on buttered toast.  To truly give it a fair shake you would have to try it in various recipes, as this blog post on 19 Uses For Gentleman’s Relish suggests. I have not developed my palate for fishy tastes, so I don’t think I’d like any dish with this stuff until that happened.  I found it utterly putrid.


I have to admit I was looking forward to upholding my “I’ll try anything” claim and maybe even proving Jason wrong and liking it.  Somewhere I had heard this compared to Vegemite, which I enjoyed, after being introduced by way of Jason’s aunt Deb and uncle Charles from Australia.  I cannot say this had much in common with Vegemite at all.  It was extraordinarily fishy and even on the bread had a somewhat grainy texture.  It was certainly better on the toast and with the thinnest application you could possibly dole out it was almost palatable…almost.  I don’t foresee that we will be going back to Gentleman’s Relish.

Will Kids Like It?

I would venture to guess that most American kids won’t like this stuff.  It all depends on if the child likes salty fishy flavors.  Elliott said this was the worst 1000 Food Family he has done yet, and ran to get a drink of water after each taste.  I was proud of him for giving it a shot though.

Little Miles didn’t mind it and only winced a little, probably due more to the saltiness of the relish than anything else.

Miles is the only one who liked The Gentleman’s Relish


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