Fish and Chips

Jason: 4.5 stars
Nicole: 3.5 stars
Elliott: Thumbs Up


  • Batter Fried Cod
  • French Fries
  • Tartar Sauce
  • Malt Vinegar

For the majority of our blog posts we will be cooking  the food ourselves, but on occasion we will hit up a restaurant.  We decided for fish and chips we would head to Newman’s Fish Market in Eugene.  Do you think we made a mistake?  Should we have tried and made this ourselves?  Leave a comment at the bottom of this blog and let us know.

The Perfect Temperature

When I lived in Melbourne, my boss, Savvas Aidenopolos, told me that growing up his family owned a chip shop.  He said the secret to making good fish and chips is the temperature of the oil.  If your oil is too cold, everything soaks up too much oil and gets soggy.  If your oil is too hot then everything is too crispy on the outside and raw in the inside.

Eugene’s Best Fish and Chips

Best Fish and Chips at Newmans in Eugene

I’ve eaten a lot of fish and chips over the years, and I would say it’s one of my favorite foods. When doing a fish and chip I like a white fish like cod or the more expensive halibut.  I like the fish best as a street food, versus ordering it at a restaurant.  In Eugene, the best place to get fish and chips is Newman’s Fish Market, which has two locations.  For this write up we took the family to the main location on Willamette Street.

Eugene's Best Fish and Chips

To order at Newman’s you go to a side window on the outside of their building, and despite it being a cold rainy day there was a line of people ordering.  Being a fish market Newman’s always has fresh fish. They also serve everything wrapped in separate brown paper.

Although they have outdoor seating it was just too cold and rainy, so we took our food inside the fish market, where they have giant bottles of malt vinegar to pour all over the fish.

Newmans Cod Fish and Chips in Eugene

Hunt For Dover Sole

On a side note, we are looking for a way to get real Atlantic Dover Sole for a future blog post.  Apparently the Dover Sole that is sold on the West Coast is actually flounder, and does not taste the same.  I’ve called around to all the fish markets in Eugene, and nobody gets it.  When we were inside Newman’s I asked about it and they said no the Pacific version was good enough.  The search continues.



I’ve always been a fan of fish and chips.  Good stuff.  Newman’s has really good fresh fish and deep fries everything to a perfect cook.  The one downside is that they cook everything in broken down smaller chunks.  I like larger pieces of cod.


To be honest, I never order fish and chips.  I won’t ever turn my back on a french fry, but if I’m going for battered and fried, I typically choose shrimp.  I love seafood, and growing up in the Pacific Northwest I have been spoiled with fresh crab, clams and mussels, and of course Salmon.  Fish and Chips is something that is pretty easy to find and if it’s done right, it won’t disappoint even the pickiest eaters.

Newman’s is a local favorite and it’s easy to see why.  I haven’t been eating much fried foods since the new year and the fries especially hit the spot.  The service is fast and friendly and the food came out hot and crispy.

Will Kids Like It?

Fish and Chips at Newman's in Eugene
Elliott is a fan!

Elliott liked it.  Of course he ate lots of french fries, but he also ate a big piece of fish.  (Cute story side note, when Elliott was about 18 months old he was a bit obsessed with french fries.  There was one night while tucking him into bed and saying bedtime prayers, he said, “French fry Amen.”) He wasn’t a fan of tartar sauce, and instead dipped everything in ketchup.

Miles loved the fish and the chip, especially when he could hold a large french fry in his hand and wave it around before taking a big bite.

Questions for You

  • Where is the best fish and chips you have ever had?
  • Tartar, cocktail sauce or some other dipping sauce?
  • Have you ever made your own fish and chips at home?


  1. I love Newman’s! I don’t think I’ve had any better then theirs, although, my daughter, Rachael took me to a place in West Seattle that looks back to the city, that was amazing also.
    I like my fish with lemon, malt vinegar and tarter. Chips with ketchup and malt vinegar. And every thing goes great with a side of slaw.
    I’ve only baked frozen battered fish at home. Doesn’t even come close but when your desperate you’ll go low.
    Why not go for the best and go to Newmans instead of ruining a good piece of fish at home.
    Perhaps you have a friend on the East Coast that could over night you the Dover Sole?

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