English Biscuits

Jason: 3 stars
Nicole: 2.5 stars
Elliott: Thumbs Up


Not to be confused with the fluffy bread roll we Americans like to pour gravy on, the English biscuit is part cookie and part cracker.

Where to Buy Biscuits

British Biscuits on Bottom Row
British spies on the bottom row.

It’s pretty easy to find biscuits in America.  You can either order them online from Amazon.com, or from an English specialty site.  We were able to find our at a variety of stores in the Eugene-Springfield area.  We have a Cost Plus World Market in town where Nicole found the Hobnobs and Jammie Dodgers.  Jason then looked at our neighborhood Albertson’s in the “fancy” cookie aisle, the one that is filled with the white Pepperidge Farms bags.  Down at the very bottom shelf was a variety of Cadbury “cookies”.  A quick Google search found that these “cookies” were actually biscuits with the labels changed to trick Americans into buying them, or something like that.

As I exited the Alberton’s I passed a troupe of Girl Scout’s selling Thin Mints, Samoas and Tagalongs.  Sorry ladies, the British invasion is in full effect.

More the Merrier

We invited Elliott’s cousins Jonah & Kendrick to help us eat up these tasty treats.  We put on a pot of tea, poured some milk and got to work.  It’s a hard life but somebody’s got to do it.

British Biscuits

English Biscuit Brands

McVitie's Digestves British BiscuitMcVitie’s Digestives

A lot of these were broken as we took them out of the package, so it was a good thing we weren’t putting on an Afternoon Tea.  They tasted a lot like a graham cracker, and were Kendrick’s favorite.

McVitie's Hobnob BiscuitMcVitie’s Hobnobs

I was expecting these to be a chocolate covered version of the Digestives, but they actually had a different texture and flavor completely.  They had a very oatmeal cookie type flavor.  Imagine a cracker version of a no-bake haystack cookie.

Cadbury Crunchie BiscuitCadbury Crunchie

Nicole mentioned that these tasted a little like Violet Crumble, with a chocolate covered honeycomb toffee flavor. These were both Nicole and Jason’s favorite.


Cadbury Dairy Milk BiscuitCadbury Dairy Milk

These were very dense and I think almost had a malty whopper flavor to them. These were my brother Matt’s favorite.


Jammie Dodgers BiscuitJammie Dodger

These look the most like a cookie. The raspberry jammie bit is nice, but the biscuit itself has a mushy texture, and a flour flavor.  They look like they are made of shortbread, and I would have loved them a lot more if they had more of a shortbread crunch to them.  My sister Elizabeth thought these were the best.

Miles wants to share his Hobnob with Kendrik.



I found the British biscuit to be tasty, but probably not something I would purchase if I wanted a crunchy or sugary treat.  I thought that the digestive went nicely with tea, and I could see it being a part of a cheese and fruit plate.  To me the cookie type biscuits are just a little bit too wheaty for my American palate. I took some of the left over biscuits to my work the next day, and some joked that the Hobnob tasted like Ikea furniture dipped in chocolate.


My favorite by far was the Cadbury Crunchie, it is very reminiscent of a honeycomb or seafoam candy (an aside, if you have a chance try the candy bar Violet Crumble if you can find one).  I wasn’t floored by the British biscuit, but I could see how they would be nostalgic for some.  For me they were quite similar to any packaged cookie you can find and to be honest, I’m a bit spoiled by homemade baked goods.  I opted out of trying the Jammie Dodger because I don’t really prefer jelly filled things in general.  If we come across a dark chocolate British biscuit I’m game to try, for me that would bring up the flavor profile but might turn off the kids.

Good For Kids?

Yes, of course kids love chocolate, crunchy, cookie, cracker things!  Elliott and Jonah both liked all of them, but agreed that biscuits are best when covered in chocolate.  Kendrick appears to be a bit of a biscuit snob, and wasn’t afraid to give a thumbs down to the Jammie Dodgers, Cadbury Dairy Milk and McVitie’s Hobnobs.

Miles was a big fan of all the biscuits and became very unhappy every time we tried to take unfinished food away from him.  And don’t worry, mom assures readers that Miles doesn’t eat platefuls of cookies every day and keeps a good, nutritious diet.

Miles was sad whenever we took his biscuits

Questions For You

  • What’s your favorite brand of British biscuit?
  • Best drink with biscuits tea or milk?