Dundee Orange Marmalade

Jason: 3 stars
Nicole: 3 stars
Elliott: Thumbs Down

Dundee orange marmalade is a mixture of sweet jelly and bitter Seville orange rind that was first created in Dundee, Scotland in the 18th century.


  • MacKays Dundee Orange Marmalade
  • Yogurt
  • Ice Cream
  • Toast

Where to Buy Dundee Orange Marmalade

You can find a variety of Dundee Orange Marmalades on Amazon.com.  I found ours at the local World Market in Eugene, which carries MacKays The Dundee Orange Marmalade.  What I found strange though was that there were two colors of the stuff on the shelf with the exact same label, one a dark orange and the other an almost neon bright orange.  Just recently I noticed that on Amazon MacKays has two labels, the dark orange being called “Vintage Dundee Orange Marmalade” and the bright neon “The Dundee Orange Marmalade“.  I’m not sure what the difference is.

Best Thing to Put Orange Marmalade On

We decided to try the marmalade on a variety of foods.  Simple buttered toast, plain Greek Yogurt and Tillamook Sweet Cream Ice Cream.



Growing up my grandmother turned me on to french toast with orange marmalade on it.  However, this was the sweet American version.  I was interested to taste what the Scottish original was like.  I At first taste I was turned off by the bitter bite of the marmalade.  Even when I trying it on the yogurt and the ice cream I wasn’t a fan.  It wasn’t until the next few days when I spread it on English muffins, or rice cakes that I began to appreciate the complexities of the spread.  Bitter is not a taste that we get a lot of in America, but it’s something I’m interested in exploring more.


I’m not much of a marmalade or jam person so I can’t say I have a favorite going in.  I was thinking about the movie Paddington that Elliott and I have watched a few times where the bears make and survive on orange marmalade sandwiches.  It is somewhat a sophisticated or distinct flavor.  I think my favorite was pairing it with the plain greek yogurt.  For awhile  I had a favorite Chobani flavor: blood orange (fruit on the bottom).  I think this had a similar flavor profile.  I’m not sure the marmalade is something I would seek out again but it was certainly worth a try and a good change to what might be your typical jams and jellies.

Will Kids Like It?

Elliott found the rind”the stick part,” too bitter and not to his liking.  Even when doused in ice cream, he didn’t like it when he could taste the peel.  He definitely did not appreciate the complexities of this Scottish jam.  Miles is happy as long as he gets some of what big brother has.  He downed the yogurt and ice cream.