Black Pudding Hash

Jason: 3.5 stars
Nicole: 2 stars
Elliott: Thumbs Down


  • 500 g Black Pudding
  • 2 medium potatoes
  • 1tsp dried thyme
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp tomato puree
  • 1 tsp capers

Black Pudding Blood Sausage

Black pudding is a type of blood sausage, whose name sounds a lot worse than what you actually eat. It’s a mixture of oatmeal, pig fat, bacon fat and dried blood. I’m not sure where you would find black pudding in America.  Most of it comes in a tube.  I found a canned version on British Corner Shop, which got great reviews even though it was canned.  This video, from The Discovery Channel, is a great rundown of what black pudding is.

Black Pudding Hash Recipe

In the book “1000 Foods to Eat Before You Die” Mimi Sheraton suggests a recipe from the book “The Ploughman’s Lunch and the Miser’s Feast“.  We decided to go with this recipe from The Telegraph.


Black pudding hash is very simple to make.  Nicole said that in the past when cooking hash browns or other potato recipes like this, you run into an issue with it taking a long time for the potatoes to cook.  The key is to boil your potato (just to fork tender) before you dice and bring them to the frying pan.

The only tricky part is half way through the fry you want to flip the hash over, as you can see in the Facebook live video below.

Black Pudding Hash 1000 Food Family



I’m a fan of American hash, and hash browns. This is similar to that.  The black pudding is flavorful and oily, with a nice crisp from the fry of hash and potatoes. I don’t think I would have cared for it much on it’s own, however with a fried egg on top I found the entire dish very tasty. That being said I won’t be looking to make another black pudding hash anytime soon.

There seems to be a plainness and banality to the British foods we’ve tried so far. They like their flavors simple.


I was not a fan of the texture of the canned pudding.  It was kind of grainy and crumbly.  The fried egg was a nice addition, but what isn’t better with an egg on top?  I think the flavor was middle of the road, nothing too off putting with the “blood pudding” variety but nothing to write home about.  I would recommend the HP sauce or anything with a kick of vinegar or acid (hot sauce maybe?) to brighten it up a bit.  And again, I found myself needing to season the dish after plating.

Will Kids Like It?

Black Pudding Hash Kids
Miles liked his black pudding hash.

Elliott was turned off from knowing that this was called  blood sausage.  The color of the black pudding hash was not appetizing for him either.  He is also not much of a potato kid (french fries being the exception go figure).  As a result he was pretty determined not to give it much of a chance, before it was even in his mouth.  Tasting it did not change his mind.

After he was surprised by the texture, our little British foodie Miles ate his without any complaints.