About Us

The Family That Eats Together

One thing you can say about us is we love to do things together.  Whether it’s hiking in the Cascades, watching a Disney movie, playing a board game or climbing into our Subaru Outback for a road trip we do it together, as a family.  That’s what makes this adventure through “1000 Foods To Eat Before You Die” so much fun.  Trying new things, and seeing how all of us, old and young, react to the amazing foods from around the globe.

Why This Book?

Before there were kids Nicole bought Jason 1000 Places to See Before You Die in the USA & Canada, and the two took a lot of trips together.  We always thought it would be fun to share what we have learned with others, but never sat down and put anything together.  With kids came less traveling as well.

The food book presented a whole new world to explore, and one that could be done, for the most part, from our home.

Meet the Millers




Favorite Foods: BBQ ribs, lasagna and coffee

Loves to hike, travel and cheer for the Oregon Ducks.  He builds digital marketing solutions at RG Media Company.




Favorite Foods:  Anything Mexican, popcorn and sushi rolls.

This mama loves family time including day trips, camping, and vacations; she is a list maker and fancies herself prepared for anything.  Nicole enjoys watching Food Network, following several favorite food bloggers, and the opportunity to try recipes and ingredients out on the family.  She works part time for a non-profit social services agency.




Big Brother

Favorite Foods: Cheese pizza, quesadilla and candy

This preschooler is fearless on his scooter, but a little timid when it comes to trying new foods.  He loves Batman, the Pokemon card game and the Narnia books.



Baby Boy

Favorite Foods: Yogurt drops, fruit and sweet potatoes

He’s a heart breaker who only has eyes for his mom.  He is an adventurer who is always game to try new foods.  Now if only he had more teeth to chew.

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